[Video] VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live – May 01

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Thanks CMMurray France

[Video] KTLA Morning News

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Thanks CMMurray France

[Trailer] ‘Chosen’ Season 3

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‘Chosen’ returns April 15 !

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‘Cavemen’ Los Angeles Premiere – February 05

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[Trailer] Cavemen

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Chad Lost 25 Pounds To Play A Heroin Addict

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Chad Michael Murray is pulling a Matthew McConaughey and seriously delving deep into his latest character.

The “One Tree Hill” star revealed that he lost 25 pounds in order to play a homeless heroin addict in the upcoming movie “Other People’s Children”, telling reporters at a roundtable interview on Wednesday (Feb. 5), “I was really in a dark place for about a month. It was taking your work home with you. It’s heavy.”

But Murray, who is currently promoting his new flick “Cavemen,” didn’t rely on a crash diet to drop the weight. He maintains that he simply consumed anything that was “from God’s green earth.”

“Pretty much oatmeal, egg whites, salads, chicken, tuna — that’s pretty much it,” he said of what he ate in order to lose excess pounds. “You find ways to dress it up and make it wonderful. After a week, you can’t tell the difference. You actually look forward to egg whites — can’t wait.”

Murray also exercised constantly, doing an hour and a half of circuit training and weights everyday, plus a five-mile jog at night.

“If you eat really clean, your calorie intake is only 1,400, 1,500, 1,600 calories. But I was burning 3,000 a day with just the training alone. I did that for three and a half weeks and just dropped right off,” he said. “I just like testing myself. I like having a test and saying, ‘Will power, can you beat this.’ It’s not forever. I just have to eat that way for three and a half weeks. Film is forever.”

Still, now that those three and a half weeks of extreme dieting and exercise are over, Murray is struggling to put the weight back on.

“I haven’t been able to train much for the past seven months because I’ve been working back to back,” he explained.

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2014 Golden Globes After Party – January 12

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